Certification Process


To get certified by APC, the applicant needs to complete the relevant training program at an authorized APC training centre and subsequently to pass the qualifications exam at an authorised APC qualification centre (authorised APC qualification body). Individual qualification and certification programs/systems (QCS) are distinctly numbered (101-603). Accreditation of the qualification and certification programs ensures their recognition throughout Europe (http://www.european-accreditation.org/content/mla/scopes.htm).

In case the applicant completes a training of the scope and content required by the relevant APC qualification standard and successfully passes the qualification exam, whose evaluation and conditions are also based on the relevant APC qualification standard, the applicant may require APC to issue the relevant Certificate and ID Card.

The application submits the “Application for Certification” together with the following:

  • Industrial experience (confirmed by the employer, in case of self-employment the applicant confirms the experience by him/herself)
  • Satisfactory vision certificate (if applicable).

The applications for individual programs can be downloaded from downloadable forms here or you can directly contact the APC office.


Certificate holders should know that:

All certificate holders with uniform certification period for all functions or methods are subject to so called “continuous supervision” over their compliance with certification requirements. The supervision is carried out by APC in the middle of the uniform certification period (i.e. in the second or third year of the certificate validity period).

Certificate holders are sent by APC a questionnaire (Questionnaire for Continuous Supervision over Certificate Holders). This questionnaire needs to be filled out and sent back in time directly to the APC secretary’s office. Failure to send the questionnaire back in time is considered as holder’s (and his/her employer’s) refusal to provide evidence of compliance with certification requirements and regarded as a failure to comply with the certification requirements. Thus it is necessary to respond in timely manner and send the questionnaire back to APC.

Supervision over certificate holders

  • Standard - when issuing the new certificate upon applicant’s request
  • Continuous - to verify whether the certificate holder throughout its validity complies with the certification requirements specified by the relevant standard and contract with APC


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