Group of Experts at CNDT (Czech Society for Non-Destructive Testing)

The group, referred to as “ OS 10”, was established in 2010.

It is a working group of experts organized by ČNDT (Czech Society for Non-Destructive Testing) whose primary objective is to maintain and increase the expertise in the area of qualifications and certification in the area of NDT as well as the implementation and development of new NDT methods in the Czech Republic in response to the needs and requirements of the industry and market, and in compliance with valid legislation and standards.
This Group consists of experts from various fields of expertise and focuses on the area of training, testing, certification and standardisation.

The Group operates in the following areas and focuses on the following topics:


  • specification of the main requirements for knowledge and specification of training criteria
  • harmonisation of knowledge schemes (mainly in respect to guideline TR 25107, as well as related standards and regulations)
  • development of new training background materials and improvement of their quality


  • verification of the conformity between the requirements for trainings and qualification exams
  • assessment of the suitability of questions used in the tests


  • specification of the criteria for certification requirements in the area of NDT with respect to valid standards and regulations


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